Saturday, April 29, 2017

2017: First Quarter of Grief

Something I had not mentioned in my first post for this year is the losses I had suffered since the year began. On January 3rd, my much loved cousin whom everyone called Kak Long (Suhairah Wahiduddin) passed away much too young for her age; leaving her family, relatives and friends from far and wide, grieving. The impact of her unexpected death hit many of us so deeply.

On 20th January, my husband's uncle, Rahim, passed away in Port Dickson, during his morning nap. From the first time I was introduced to him, we had a connection. We would comfortably talk about faith, spirituality and sufism for countless hours. We shared the same interest and love for Allah. He had always mentioned how he looked forward to the day he would return to Allah. Therefore, when the news of his death reached me, I had a mixed feeling of happiness and grief. The day he had been looking forward to almost the whole of his life had finally arrived. But I had lost a father figure. He died during Friday prayers. Masya Allah!

Not long after, on February 1st 2017, someone I befriended exactly 10 years to that date, Syed Omar, passed away after years of fighting cancer. He was buried on a Thursday afternoon. His funeral was attended not only by his family but also royalties and dignitaries. Despite his designation and relations with the royal family, he remained humble and simple.

On the morning of February 24th, I woke up to a message from my friend Helen Yap, that our fellow musician/composer Johan Nawawi had passed away. His death was unexpected and sudden because he had not been unwell. In fact, last my husband and I met him was less than 2 months before and we had a chance to catch up on what's been happening in each others' lives. He died and was buried on a Friday. There were three congregations of prayers done for him on that day! Masya Allah! How he was so loved by everyone.

Despite having lost all these people whom I have known and had touched my life in some way or rather, I managed to keep to my work commitments. Although there were times when I wept in the privacy of my office, I kept ploughing through, managing my grief as best I could. But the last straw that broke this camel's back happened on Sunday, April 2nd at 8:50pm. My much loved kitten that was rescued from the rooftop of University Hospital in August last year and I adopted him and named him Bleu, was hit by a speeding car in front of our home! This was witnessed by my younger daughter and it traumatized her. She was inconsolable for a long time. We all grieved over Bleu's death. There was a pool of blood underneath his cute little head. His blood-filled eyes were open and black. His mouth was open. As I picked his body up from the ground, I felt the last of his breath leaving his little body. I cradled him in my arms and wailed. My chest felt as though something was brutally wrenched out of it. I grieved. I am still grieving. I think I will always grieve over Bleu.

I believe Bleu was an angel. He came into our lives and filled it with love. He was always gentle and considerate. There's not a soul that had met and known him that was not touched by his love. I pondered on why losing a pet hurt so much more than losing a human being. I have come to realize that the reason is because animals don't have the capacity for malice or spite. Nothing more genuine and sincere than the soul of an animal.

I have suffered losses before. Losing Mad had me grieving for more than two years. Maybe because Mad was also someone who had no capacity for malice or spite; at least not towards me. Do I wish I had grieved for Mad for much lesser duration? No. I believe the duration of grieving befits the quality of the soul that we have lost.

What I have taken away from all that has happened is this: I need to prepare myself for my first night in the grave; where there will be no one who can help me. I will be buried alone with only my deeds to speak for me. Henceforth, I have revised and renewed my commitments. I hope, together with my good deeds, Bleu will be there to keep me company in barzakh.

Whatever I have composed today is based on how I am feeling today. May Allah erase from my memory anything that does not benefit me remembering. May He bless me with serenity for my soul and peace for my mind, commitment and loyalty towards Him in my heart so I would remain steadfast in my ibadah for Him, insya Allah.

Wait for mama, Bleu. Meanwhile, do put in a good word for me, ok my son? We will always love and miss you.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


As I browse through the many posts I had written over time since opening my Blogger account, I noticed some that evoked memories I would rather forget. Nothing worth keeping. I believe it is high time for me to delete them. It would be counterproductive to strive for peace of mind and serenity of the heart by holding on to posts that were written while I was in the throes of stupidity. We learn from mistakes but no one in their right mind would treasure them!

Therefore, right after publishing this entry, I will be sweeping through all my past entries and deleting the miserable ones for good. See you all on the other side! 😊

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Gift of Time

My husband has a hobby of gifting me watches any chance he gets. No Rolex or anything of that sort, of course. But time pieces that carry individual sentimental values. The first one he bought was a pair of His & Hers YSL dress watches for our first wedding anniversary.

Needless to say, I wear this to formal events.

The second watch he bought me was upon my request: ICE watch in Black and Gold.

This one was my everyday watch for a long while, for obvious reasons.

The third watch he bought for me was for my 50th birthday, another ICE watch but with BMW design. It just happens to be in the same colour as the 10 year old BMW car he bought me in 2007.

This is my watch of choice whenever I am roughing it up doing outdoor activities. Usually worn with blue Levi's jeans.

And the latest and most expensive purchase he made for me was for my 52nd birthday: an Apple Watch!

I am absolutely in love with this gem! I mean, it makes it a lot easier driving to work and everywhere else now. 

I pondered on the reasons behind my husband's tendencies to buy me a watch any chance he gets. I came to the conclusion its about giving time. Time is the most precious gift anyone can ever gift to you. Its the one thing they can never recover or get back. 

Looking back, hubby has always been there for me. He has always given me the time and space to grow. He was patient during my difficult and most trying moments. In the past, during my depressive years, I had pushed him to make quick decision to let me go. But instead, he stalled for time; giving me the space to regain my equilibrium. He knows and understands me better than I do myself, I must admit. And I am eternally grateful for his gifts. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Last of 2016

Hello! This is the latest photo of me. Just to record how I'm aging at the end of this year. Hahahaa! Well, to be honest, I'm thinking this may just be my last blog entry for this year. My memory fails me of late, therefore writing a recap of the year would not be such a bright idea. How about I just type out whatever crosses my mind right now?

I wish to walk in a field of lavender, probably in France. I imagine staying a week in a chateau nearby where I can smell the soothing lavender in the breeze as I sit outside drinking cafe au lait while allowing sunset to do magic with the colors of nature surrounding me. Sigh... Even the thought of that relaxes me.

And just look at the sunlight interweaving between the lavender shafts! Gorgeous!

Its a week into my new one year contract with the university and I am looking forward to starting 2017 with an exciting new elective module: Crisis Intervention. I have so much planned and it feels wonderful to have the full support of head of department with regards to my plans. 

There are many who choose to have gloomy perspectives on the so-called bleak economy. But I truly believe that every crisis or conflict is, in actuality, an opportunity for growth. People who hate change or challenges are just purely lazy. And then they whine about how boring their lives are. 

I pondered upon my life so far and realized that I have never been unemployed. That is simply because I have always been (and probably always will be) self-employed. A year into this 'full time' gig has given me a clear picture as to why many people are sold into the illusion of job security and they do whatever they can to keep within their comfort zones due to their complacency.

A few months ago, my husband and I were called upon as consultants to mediate a work crisis happening in two factories that were closing down and laying off more than 200 employees in total. We prepared them with what to expect as well as help them plan out their future based on the severance packages they were receiving and the job opportunities available out there.

Most perceive employment as being hired for a full time position complete with a fixed monthly income, office, etc. Typical conventional setting. Those who are in between jobs tend to pick up driving Uber or Grabcar but they see this as something to do while they are "unemployed." When I brought to their attention the mindset of a person who drives a taxi for a living and how their commitment towards that job determines them being able to earn an honest living that is enough to support their families because THAT IS ALL THE OPTION THEY HAVE. It all boils down to attitude, perspective and commitment to the job at hand. Be careful how you look at something. It may be small, but it could be a diamond or a golden nugget. As opposed to a mountain high of trash; if you know what point I'm driving at. 

Being employable is an art many has yet to master. The moment they get employed, they tend to lose their employable-ness. They get complacent. They get lazy. They get bored. They become followers to stupid leaders because they are too afraid of losing their comforting toys and luxuries. They become slaves who complain they are treated as one when their attitude is the very thing that attracted that kind of treatment upon them. Well, enough words on things that are beyond MY control.

What plans do I have for next year? Gosh! New Year resolutions never work because they aren't important enough. So, the better question is: What are the important things I want to get done as soon as possible? Here are some:


I think I'll sign off now. See you in 2017, everyone. 

By the way, I would appreciate if those who actually read my blog entries can just leave a short note in the comment section at the bottom of this entry, just so I can now how many actually do follow my writing. Thank you in advance and may God bless us all. Ameen. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Between Your Wants and My Needs

I have discovered several new pet peeves, of late. Most annoying one is when people try to impose their life aspirations on me. I can totally respect everyone's ambitions and life goals and I'm sure they have logical reasons for having them. But please understand this: JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS DAMN IMPORTANT TO YOU, IT DOES NOT MEAN IT MUST BE IMPORTANT TO ME TOO!!

I have no desire whatsoever for recognition nor fame. I was born famous! I have no desire to prove anything to anyone, which includes how intelligent I am or am not. Not everyone who is wise has a doctorate degree! And yes, I aspire to be humble rather than a cocky asshole!

Another thing that people simply do not get about me is that I AM NOT CALCULATIVE!!! I refuse to ask for something in which I have to justify me deserving it! If you wanna give, GIVE! If you don't want to give, DON'T!! But I refuse to let you manipulate me by using money. That won't work anyways because I am not a slave of money. My God is ALLAH!!!

Also, I don't care for titles nor designations. My family is full of the who's whos and they are all human beings at the end of the day; who work hard, fart, sneeze, sleep, and crap! And yet NONE of them are as hung up as some stuck up assholes who ignore those who do not have Ph.Ds. Fuckshit you, lah!

My work is NOT the center of my universe! I have Allah, my husband and children, my parent, my brothers, my huge family and relatives! I have my private practice and continuous clients. YES!!! I am proud to be a private practitioner. And I would appreciate it if people would just STOP BUGGING ME ABOUT DOING Ph.D!! The more they tell me to do it, the more I will rebel. They should really read up on how to handle an Aquarian Dragon coz this Fiery Humanitarian just refuses to conform to what fuckshits think is acceptable in their small pea-sized brains of theirs!

Rant over! I'm done.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hooked on Hooking

Star Trek Beanie (for me)

I finally found a noble purpose to my crochet passion: making hats for children who are bald from chemo treatments for cancer. Here are several that I have managed to hook up so far. The top one (above this paragraph) is something I designed myself as a huge Star Trek fan. I made it for me as a reward for being so diligently productive.

Here's the usual suspects: (Top left to bottom right) One eyed Minion, Elmo, Ninja Turtle, Batman.

Topmost: Little flowered beanie for a little girl. Bottom left: A simple unisex beanie. Bottom right: Two eyed Minion with ear flaps. 

Left to right: Olaf (Frozen) and Cookie Monster (Sesame Street)

Purple Minion complete with white acrylic felt teeth.

Nemo the clownfish complete with fins and tail.

William Glasser wrote a book titled Positive Addiction many years ago and I believe this passion of mine is right up its alley. It helps to replace the bad habits I've been trying to break. Being hooked on hooking (crocheting) is definitely therapeutic and I truly pray these hats will put smiles on many little faces. Ameen.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Single Motherhood

There are now three definitions for “Ibu Tunggal” (single mother) recognised by the government, said Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Karim.
She said these were reached by a special taskforce committee set up to study the issue in early June this year.
“These have helped to clear any confusion and to ensure the aid meant for them really reach them and their dependents.
“As a result if formerly we have about 800,000 single mothers on our record, after the streamlining, the number has been reduced to 235,240 only,” she told a media conference after a gathering for about 200 local woman leaders from the corporate, non-governmental organisations and civil service hosted by her ministry.
According to Rohani, the first definition was that “the single mother who is the head of the family is a divorcee or separated permanently from her husband and has unmarried children staying with her.”  
“Under the second definition she is the head of the family and is married but her husband is not able to work because of his poor health condition and there are unmarried children in the family.
“Thirdly, she is the head of the family and has never been married. She has adopted children or children of unconfirmed status,” she said.
- See more at:

* * *

So, apparently I have been a single mother for a combination of many years and not realize my true status. Learning about this did something to my mind, somehow. Clarity. It explains why I think the way I do; plan ahead the way I do; all in the name of providing the best I can for my family. Survival. That's it. Responsibility.

When you have children, it calls for a lifetime commitment. Options that are available for others are not something you would consider for yourself when you are the sole breadwinner. Freedom is something you sacrifice without a bat of an eyelash. It has not been a joyride. But I look forward to reaping of the harvest.

It is walking a tightrope of balance between independence and honoring your husband. May Allah bless me with the strength to perservere and not fail His test on me. Ameen.